Hey there fiddler:

Are you ready to take an Appalachian fiddle journey? In this course, you’ll learn how to practice and play Appalachian and Old-time tunes. We’ll explore bowing techniques like the Pulse and figure 8 bowing. You’ll also learn to play tunes with Sawmill tuning (AEAE), though there are versions of all tunes in standard tuning (GDAE)

This course is recommended for intermediate level fiddlers. Anyone can benefit from the basic principles of variation and creativity that are taught in the course. But I think it’s best that you have the basics down before starting with Irish variation:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, low 2nd and 4th finger
  • Ability to slur notes easily
  • You already have learned about thirty tunes

All Technique Lessons

Cross-tuning (Sawmill)

Pulse Bowing 

Circular Bowing

How do you do circular bowing?

Georgia Shuffle Bowing

Georgia Shuffle on Tunes

[SLF: 1] Introduction To Sliding On The Fiddle

[SLF: 2] Adding Slides to Tune Phrases

[SLF: 3] Downward Slides

[SLF: 4] Super-Fun Sliding Exercises

The Chromatic Scale Will Help You Slide

All Tune Lessons

Angeline the Baker

Angeline The Baker – Variation

Blackest Crow – Basic

Blackest Crow – Variation

Blackest Crow – Chord Backup On Fiddle (G Major)

Breaking Up Christmas

Candy Girl – Sawmill Tuning

Cotton Eyed Joe – Basic

Cotton-eyed Joe – Round Peak

Cripple Creek – Basic

Cripple Creek – Variation

The Devil Went Down To Georgia 

Double File – Basic

Double File – Variation

Flop-eared Mule – Basic

Flop-eared Mule – Variation

Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Frosty Morning – Basic

Frosty Morning – Variation

Groundhog – Basic

Groundhog – Intermediate

Ida Red – Basic

Ida Red – Variation

Ida Red: Old-time Reel to Irish Jig!

I’ll Fly Away – Basic

Jenny Lynn – Basic

Jenny Lynn – Variation

Kerry Polka – Sawmill Tuning

Magpie – Basic

Magpie – Variation

Oh Susannah – Sawmill Tuning

Old Joe Clarke – Round Peak

Shooting Creek – Intermediate

Sludge River Stomp

Soldier’s Joy – Intermediate

Twenty-eighth of January – Basic Lesson

Twenty-Eighth of January  – Variation 

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star – Sawmill Tuning

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star – Melodic Variation

Wagon Wheel – 1st break

Wagon Wheel – 2nd Break

Wagon Wheel – 3rd Break

Whiskey Before Breakfast Sawmill-tuning


Bill Cheatham Practice Journey

Whiskey Before Breakfast Practice Journey

14 Ways To Practice Whiskey Before Breakfast

Angeline The Baker Practice Journey

Flop-Eared Mule Practice journey