14 Ways To Practice Whiskey Before Breakfast

practice variations

Once you learn a tune, take a journey by adding practice variations. This adds Desirable Difficulty which helps you learn it more thoroughly. But mainly it’s fun.

We’ll mostly work with the first quarter of the tune:

And A Part, Second Quarter


14 Practice Variations

  1. Chaining
  2. Looping chain sections
  3. Adding texture to chain sections
  4. All downbows
  5. All upbows
  6. Play at a steady tempo with a metronome
  7. Flatten the rhythm
  8. Add rhythmic variation to flattened rhythm
  9. Extract the melodic pattern
  10. Transpose up a fifth
  11. Octave talking
  12. Alternate between first quarters of A and B parts
  13. Play every other bar
  14. Alternate between playing chords and the melody

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