This is a collection of lessons, modules, and mini-courses designed to take your fiddling to the next level. You’ll learn new scales, bowing techniques and practice strategies which will help you to add variation to tunes. You’ll also learn things that prepare you for improvisation, playing chords and more.


Melodic Variation

Melodic scale variation is the addition of little patterns to scales. This will better your technique, allow you to learn tunes more easily and give you ideas for improvisation. If you practice melodic variation, you’ll start to hear the scale in the tune.

Tunes for melodic variation practice


  • Vibrato 1: Overview, Basic Hand Motion, Chromatic Shifting
  • Vibrato 2: Micro-sliding into vibrato
  • Vibrato 3: Slow vibrato pulsing
  • Vibrato 4: Applying vibrato to 1st & 2nd fingers in tunes
  • Vibrato 5: Vibrato on third and fourth fingers
  • Vibrato 6: Apply vibrato to 3rd & 4th fingers in tunes

Shifting Up The Neck

How To Play On Songs

Here’s lessons to help you play on songs. Learn strategies and techniques to help you play on songs with others.

You can also learn to play chord backup on fiddle as sing. See this page of lessons if you want to go further with chord backup: Chord Backup Central