2.1 In the Pink

Fourth Finger (pinky) / Separate One-Slur Three Bowing / Transposing Tunes with Fourth Finger

2.2 Look Both Ways Before You Cross

Fingering and String Crossing Exercises /  Fourth Finger Exercises II / Slur Across Strings / Smiling Bows / The Goal of a Good Process

2.3 Double Down

Double Stops (playing two strings at once) / Fourth Finger Exercises III / Audiation / Passive and Active Listening /  Fourth Review Point 

2.4 Gotta Love the Low First

Low First Finger / F Major Scale / Transposing Tunes to F / Fingered Double Stops I (1|0 shape)/ Playing Backup Chords / How To Learn Tunes From Recordings

2.5 Soldiering On

Fingering and String Crossing II / Fingered Double Stops II (0|1 shape) / I-IV-V Chord Progression  / B flat, Lower Octave  / F Major And B Flat Major Scale Variations / Play It Casual

2.6 Gravy

Low Fourth Finger / B flat Major, Upper Octave / Tunes Transposed with Low Fourth Finger / Playing Chord Backup on Songs / Slur Eight / Make Your Own Scales / Fifth Review Point

2.7 That Old-time Drone

Double Stop Scale / Adding Droning Double Stops to Tunes / Minor Triads / Fingered Double Stops III / Chord Rhythms / Fourth Finger Double Stops

2.8 Raise the Roof

Raised Third Finger / A Major Scale, Lower Octave / Fingered Double Stops IV / Fingering and String Crossing III / How to Create A Duet Part

2.9 Flying on Chromatic Pilot

Chromatic Scale / Syncopation / How to Build Chords From Triads/ Fiddle Chord Voicings / Fourth Finger Double Stops / Big ‘ol Review

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12 responses to “Intermediate Fiddle Lessons

  1. I’m still working on Module 2.1. I played all sorts of drowning to an old cd I found under the couch today. I know well and thought it would help with what was learned so far. I can do Improve and am comfortable in fun Jam sessions with other pickers when I can find them. The guys often get drug off by their ear……..girl friends or wives……very sad and without good cause, sorry girls! I know what it is to play 3 to6 hrs or more a day . Had a 74 Tele Deluxe from my Gram in !974 and a few more.I never went Pro and can still hear.LOL Had fun and went through this album 3X Took about an hour. Thanks Mr. K

  2. How do I sign up for lessons? I tried the free lesson and nothing happened. How much does it cost to join your instruction? I enjoy your lessons on Youtube and would like to learn much more. I’m sure I have over looked some key to punch to join your classes so, I need help. Also, are you able to select the type of music and lessons. Is there an index of songs to select from? Your attention to this matter is much appreciated.

    Jim Brannan
    2400 Pisgah Rd. 32347
    Perry, Fl. 32347

  3. I am a new subscriber. I have shelves full of fiddle books and useful software like “Printmusic” and “Amazing Slow Downer”. I am sometime having problems with terminologies. For me, the “Old Time” bowing is referred to as the “Nashville Shuffle” – 1 long bow and 2 short bows. I will be trying to work out practice material by adapting what you recommend to notation and sound files that will let me practice something regularly to improve intonation and speed.

    I see posting in the forum mentioning “Pentatonic Scales”. I learned the format for major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, and blue scale. But very little is said about applying these scales. A banjo book taught me more about using minor pentatonic scales than my fiddle/violin books ever did.

    One last things. At the end of the technique videos, having musical notation for exercises would be great. I would use it to develop notation and sound files for practicing what you are teaching.

    I am curious about something. What is your policy on using slurs ? In tunes like “Whisky Before Breakfast” you probably use slurs, but I don’t see any in the notation. Using different slurring patterns are a big help when adding some variety to a version of a tune. I am always interesting in different slurring patterns, especially in tunes like “Leather Britches”.

    Visit Quebec. I really like the French Canadian fiddling. Same with Canadian fiddling from the Maritime provinces.
    Maybe having some of those tunes will interest fiddlers in Canada.

  4. Im sure I should stay on track with this more than I do– I went on into my own music choices and am loving it but not getting all the technique I would if I stayed with you. I already knew how to read music so when I got my bearings with fingering I just went off into my own space…. I know, not really what I should do but I’m loving it and having fun. I keep coming back and digging out the things I realize I am falling short on. I’m know I’m loosing/wasting valuable lesson time.