A Little Guide To Becoming A Fiddler


This is a short guide on how to make fiddle practice fun and productive. This is the heart and soul of the whole FiddleHed method. Though I teach fiddle tunes, what I hope you really learn is how to enjoy good practice.

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The FiddleHed Tune Book

This is a comprehensive collection of most of the tunes in the FiddleHed course. It contains 115 tunes and spans the nineteen modules from the main course (1.1 to 1.10, 2.1 to 2.9). For each tune, there are handy links to the corresponding lesson on FiddleHed. Some tunes were not included because they are not in the public domain, and so we don’t have rights to publish them at this time. We will let you know when we update the book with new tune lessons from the course.

It’s currently available for all yearly subscribers.

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The Little FiddleHed Tune Book

This is a collection of 24 tunes from the first four modules of the course. For each tune, there are handy links to the corresponding lesson on FiddleHed.

It’s currently available with all paid subscriptions (Monthly and Yearly subscriptions).

Practice Materials

Here are downloadable practice sheets to help you organize and focus your practice.

This will help you quickly remember the beginnings to tunes, as well as what key the tune is (or which scale you should practice with it.) This download link is only visible to paying subscribers.

This will help you to organize and focus your practice. Learn more about how to use it in this lesson: How To Track Your Practice. If you prefer to track your practice online, use “Your Practice Journal” in the practice toolkit at the bottom of lesson pages.

This worksheet will help you break down difficult parts into easy-to-manage exercises. Learn more about micro-practice in this lesson.