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  1. Had a lesson in tuning and music shops.
    After a disagreement with a heifer, my husband had to have his rotator cuff repaired. I didn’t get to even pick up my fiddle for a bit over a month. It was waaay out of tune. No biggie, l thought. Got ADG almost smack on perfect. E wouldn’t budge. I did everything I knew or looked up and nothing. I must’ve given it a real cussing because when I finally put it up everything else was out and all but G refused. My grandson plays guitar and he tried, nope. I live on a ranch in the big boonies. I called a music shop in the small town we shop in. I figured as many fiddle players in this part of Texas, surely they could help. My grandson took it. I told him it should take about 3 minutes, 5 tops because I’m doing something wrong.

    They made him leave it and at the end of the day they called me and said it was ready. Diagnosis “With fiddles that get played alot, like this one, the pegs get worn and need to be shaved a bit. I fixed it, plays just fine”. I didn’t argue, didn’t tell him it was a brand new Fiddlerman Concert and hadn’t been “played alot”. When my grandson got it home and I looked at it, it hadn’t been touched. $20.00 for nothing.

    Had grandson take it home with him, 50+ miles away. Called a store there that I should’ve done to begin with but 100 miles is long for a tuning problem. The next day he called me and said it took about 4 minutes, charge -0-. Diagnosis- brand new strings can be squirrelly and until they finish stretching and spend time in the shape they will need to be they may cause cussing but this shall pass.

    The lessons I learned are;
    1. If, for whatever reason, you can’t get your fiddle in tune it doesn’t matter how far you have to go to get help.
    2. Whatever you call a good fiddle fixer, they are like a good doctor, treat them right and hang on to them.
    3. Don’t be afraid to look stupid. My desire to play was greater than my pride. Surprised me. I think it surprised my grandson more.
    4. Grandsons and fiddle strings are alot alike. Brand new they are a pain but after a while they turn out to be good things to have.

    Do experienced players ever have a strong urge to fling their fiddle across the room?

  2. It was nice to have an evening practice option. I’m still working during the Covid pandemic (thankfully), but wanted to say I appreciate this site immensely! I have somewhere to go and learn as little, or as much as I want. Now that I say it “out loud”, a little doesn’t seem like the best choice. I practiced for an hour today before the lesson. It felt great to enjoy my instrument again and to cherish the sounds we make together (before the old strings misbehaved). I have improved leaps and bounds-taking back what I lost for the years not playing. 1000 Thank you’s for all the hard work that goes into this gentle place of learning to play again!