• Amy commented on the post, Optimism 8 months ago

    As a late bloomer, picked up a fiddle at 62, is to first be honest with yourself, brutally if needed. It is just a fact that I will not live long enough to be great. So I had to ask myself what was I hoping to achieve. I’ve arthritis, 2 kinds, my knuckles & fingers appear mutilated. I find optimism remembering the awe I feel when I start to…[Read more]

  • First, I found a tune on the fiddle quick You Tube channel that I will play for my grandkids one day even if it’s on my death bed. It’s called “Who Shit In Grandpa’s Hat?” It’s as danceable as “Maggots In The Sheep Hides” or “Hog Eye And A Tater”.

    My string crossing is giving me fits. The sound is so bothersome I can’t think. I keep my fiddle…[Read more]

  • Every practice isn’t going to be great or even good. However, you are actually learning. It comes as little surprises for me. Holding the bow; I struggled just trying to hold it properly to rosin. The struggle to hold it properly and also be able to move it sort of to my will lasted about 4 days. Then, half way dreading the struggle, I started to…[Read more]

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