Here are some tools to make your fiddle practice more fun and enjoyable, all in one easy-to-find place.

Practice routines 

Practice routines are a great way to train you how to practice. Here you will find routine outlines as well as “video trainers”.

Drone Central 🔁

Practicing with this library of drones is fun and will help you play in tune. Learn more here.

Scale Central 🎻

Scales are essential for hearing the tuning and improving technique. And they can be fun when approached creatively.

Tuning Exercises 👍

This is a library of call-and-response exercises designed to train your ear and improve your tuning.

Interval Central 🎵

Intervals are two-note exercises that will help train your ear to pick out new melodies as well play in tune.

Beat Central 🥁

Practicing with a beat will help you to play in time, which is important if and when you play with others.

Tunes Listed By Root Note 🌲

These pages allow you to play many different tunes to the same drone. For Instance, with a D drone, you can play Arkansas Traveller (reel in D major), Kerfunken jig (jig in D major) and Shady Grove (Old-time song in D minor).

Practice Journals 📚

Use these online practice journals to focus and gain awareness of how you practice.

Notefinder 🔎

Use this to translate tabs into note names and vice-versa. This is useful, especially if you are thinking of learning to read music notation.

FiddleHed Practice Calendar – 2018 📅

Using a practice calendar is a way to make your practice more consistent.

View or download.

FiddleHed Tune Cheat Sheet ⏱

This will help you quickly remember the beginnings of tunes, as well as what key the tune is (or which scale you should practice with it.) This download link is only visible to paying subscribers.