How FiddleHed is structured

The course is self-paced because people enter at different stages of their fiddle journey. There’s a self-assessment tool on the Getting Started page to help you find a good place to start.

Notice in the diagram above that the “beginner” courses (green boxes) continue to run along the “practice” axis. That’s because you constantly return to FUNdamental skills like bowing, fingering, intonation, etc. as you progress.

You’ll also return to core tunes like Oh Susannah. For example, you’ll learn it in D Major, but later play it in G and A major. Eventually you’ll return to it again to add double stops and other variations. The songs are travel companions on your journey.

If you start with the Beginner Fiddle Course, you’ll have the option to take Note-reading lessons as well as practice lessons. These lessons will be spaced progressively within the Beginner Course. However, you can also focus on the Note-reading or Practice courses. So if you’re an intermediate fiddler who can’t read sheet music, you can take the lessons as a sand-alone course. If you’re a beginner who wants to learn reading, you can take the reading lessons as you learn skills and tunes.

I hope that sheds a little light on what we’re doing here. Still got questions? If so, just email us.

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