Learning on your own can be frustrating

Here’s what my students tell me:

  • It’s hard to get a nice sound.
  • I lose the motivation to practice every day.
  • I’m not making much progress by watching random videos on YouTube.

Overcome obstacles and start making music

Get a good sound by practicing with looping and drone-tuning.

Stay motivated with our proven Small Steps Small Wins approach.

See results with a well-designed step-by-step course.


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You’re Not Alone

Everyone faces the same basic challenges. Here are THREE BIG THINGS you’ll learn to overcome common obstacles:

  1. Play every day
  2. Practice effectively
  3. Manage your emotions

FiddleHed Fiddle Lessons

FiddleHed is the easy, step-by-step method for learning the fiddle online.

Here’s What You’ll Learn




First quarter: A1-D0-1-0-A1-D0-1-0

Since the first and second bars are the same, you just need to practice the play-along track for the first bar 🙂

Tunes are broken down

Our intuitive system breaks tunes down into small, easy-to-follow LearningChunks™ of audio, sheet music and color-coded tabs. Learn and master your favorite Old-time, Irish, Bluegrass, Klezmer and Cajun tunes.

FUNdamental skills

As you pick up tunes, you’ll be learning techniques to help you play the tunes like scales, bowing, intonation and timing. You’ll also learn powerful practice techniques like Drone-tuning™, Call-and-response, Looping, and Audiation.

Live Group Lessons

I lead students in live workshops. These “practice journeys” are a fun way to:

  • Improve FUNdamentals like tuning, timing, and bowing
  • Learn how to practice in a creative and fun way
  • Stay motivated as you learn tunes in a group setting

Explore our courses

Everyone learns in a different way. The modular structure of FiddleHed allows you to go at your own pace.

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Successful students tell their stories

Yes, It Really Works

Joanne improved her timing

“I started fiddling with no musical knowledge or background. I realized I wasn't making progress, so I signed up for FiddleHed. The structured course has helped so much with the basics, like playing in time (I was always slowing down for the hard parts). Above all it is FUN!”

Toby gets into improvisation

“Jason is a super-fun and kind teacher to learn violin with. He taught me to enjoy music and not be afraid to improvise.”

James had fun learning the fundamentals

“I think the biggest fiddle challenge for me was learning to read music. The FiddleHed website with notations with sheet music somehow made everything click into place. I’m now learning new songs every week just from the sheet music.”

Sue overcame her fear of playing with others

“Before joining Fiddlehed, my biggest struggle was a paralyzing fear of playing in front of others. I’ve gained a lot of confidence through the FiddleHed lessons and online workshops .”

Forrest learned to play better in tune

“I almost gave up on fiddling because it was such a huge struggle to play in tune. Using the FiddleHed method of slowing down and drone-tuning really improved my pitch. The clear lessons and practice tools have helped me to learn the fiddle and live a more fulfilled life.”

How Does this Sound?

The results you will see…
Stop feeling frustrated by the gaps in your skills, as you make steady progress with a tried-and-true system.
Learn and remember the tunes you love.
Start feeling the joy of making music on a daily basis.
See yourself grow as you nurture your creativity.
Instead of saying “I should practice today,” you’ll be saying, “I can’t wait to practice today!”
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Love your fiddle guarantee™ 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Fiddlehed designed for?

  • Absolute beginners
  • Intermediate players wanting to level up their fiddling
  • Classical players who want to have more fun with music
  • People who played the violin as a child and want to start again

Who should NOT take this course?

  • If you want to be a professional violinist, practicing intricate scales, lengthy etudes and arcane music theory for 6 hours a day, then I’m probably not the best teacher for you
  • If you are in a hurry to enter and win national fiddle contests, then I think there might be a better course of action for you
  • If you are expecting overnight results without any daily practice, then FiddleHed is not for you…because the FiddleHed goal is to Play Every Day and love the process

What do I get when I sign up?

  • Full access to all lessons and courses
  • Admission to all live lessons
  • Membership in the FiddleHed community

Can I download content?

  • As an all-access member you can download all sheet music and audio.

Can I learn any fiddle tune with this course?

  • No…and Yes!
  • Though there are hundreds of tune lessons in the course, there is not a lesson on every tune in existence (tens of thousands)
  • FiddleHed teaches you how to learn tunes on your own  and productively practice
  • So with these skills, you can eventually learn anything you want – including other instruments!