What if I don’t like FiddleHed after I buy a subscription?

Try out the course, and if you’re not satisfied, just email me within thirty days of purchase and I’ll refund your money  👍

What does the Ultimate Subscription have that the Premium Subscription does not?

  • Irish Fiddle Variation ☘️
    • This is a deep dive into how to add variation to Irish tunes with the right feel.
    • You learn basic versions of tunes and then learn versions with variations.
    • Each variation technique is taught with focused exercises.
    • You’ll learn to be a creative musician.
  • Appalachian Fiddle ⛰
    • Similar to the Irish Fiddle Variation course. You learn basic and variation versions of tunes.
    • You’ll also learn how to cross-tune the fiddle and play tunes with a beautifully resonant sound.
  • Art of Fiddling 🎻
    • This is a collection of more advanced techniques, tune and practice lessons.
    • It will help you to move from just going through the motions on songs to  making music with them.

How does payment work if I upgrade my membership?

  • The new subscription is pro-rated.
  • For example, say you have bought a Premium subscription six months ago and want to upgrade to an Ultimate subscription. The Premium subscription costs $228, so After six months, you have $114 worth of credit left. That would get applied to the Ultimate subscription which is $312. So you would end up paying $312 – $114 = $198 for the Ultimate upgrade, which would last a year from the date of upgrade.

I have more questions about the subscription not answered on this page.

  • Please send an email with subscription questions to support@FiddleHed.com if you have any other questions and either Amber or I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you ready to make music a bigger part of your life?

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