Old-time Reel in D Major
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Play Along Track – Full Tune

Drone in D – No Beat

Video time capsule

Once you can play this tune all the way through, video yourself doing it. This first video is a “time capsule.”  In a few weeks, after you’ve practiced this and other things, record it again and assess your progress.

Soldier’s Joy – Intermediate – Full Tabs & Sheet Music

A part

First quarter: (A2-1)-A0-D2-0-2-A0-D2-0-2-0-3-3

Second quarter: (A2-1)-0-D2-0-2-A0-D2-0-2-3-1-1

Third quarter: (D2-3)-A0-D2-0-2-A0-D2-0-2-0-3-3

Fourth quarter: (A3-E0)-E1-3-1-A3-E0-L2-0-A2-3-3-3-3

B part

First quarter: (A3-E0)-1-0-1-L2-3-4-3-1-0-A3-2-3-E0-1-L2-0

Second quarter: E1-0-1-L2-3-4-3-1-0-A3-2-1-0

Third quarter: (A3-E0)-1-0-1-L2-3-4-3-1-0-A3-2-3-E0-1-L2-0

Fourth quarter: E1-3-1-A3-E0-L2-0-A2-3-3-3-3

Sheet music

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