Irish Jig in G Major
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Here’s a jolly tune. If you like triads, than you’re going to have fun with this one.

Learning Chunks

I’ve made some “Learning Chunks” to help you learn more easily. These focused exercises contain sheet music, tabs and mp3 snippets to guide you on your fiddle journey. The idea is to start with small musical bits, get good at those, and then put them together into bigger pieces until you have the whole tune. I call it Micro-practice.

For those of you who read (or want to read), all snippets use this key and time signature:


Warm up with G major scale using G drone.

This is a pretty jolly tune loaded with triads for you to try.

G major: A1-D3-0, D3-A1-3, E4-L2-A3

D major: E3-1-A3

Warm-up Exercises






G Major scale and triads





A part, first quarter

A part, second quarter

A part, third quarter

Third quarter: A1-D3-3-0-3-3-A1-D3-A1-3-L2-1


A part, fourth quarter


Creativity, Fun and Adventure ?

Always try to find creative ways to make practicing fun. How can you practice the same thing in different ways? Can you learn to enjoy the sound? Can you even learn to enjoy the struggle?

If you explore different options for playing the same thing, then you will be able to enjoy practicing that for a longer time. Remember, the brain gets bored easily, but the hands need lots and lots of time to learn things.

B part, first quarter

B part, second quarter

B part, third quarter

B part, fourth quarter

Fourth quarter: AL2-1-L2-0-3-L2-1-D3-3-3


Further Practice

Practice the song at your own pace with this drone track.

Drone in G – No Beat

Full Tabs, Audio & Sheet Music

A part

First quarter: (A3-L2)-A1-D3-3-0-3-3-A1-D3-A1-3-L2-1

Second quarter: AL2-0-0-D0-A0-0-L2-0-L2-E0-A3-L2

Third quarter: A1-D3-3-0-3-3-A1-D3-A1-3-L2-1

Fourth quarter: AL2-1-L2-0-3-L2-1-D3-3-3-A3-L2

B part

First quarter: (EL2-3)-4-L2-L2-A3-EL2-L2-4-L2-4-4-3-L2

Second quarter: E3-1-1-A3-E1-1-3-1-3-3-L2-1

Third quarter: E0-L2-L2-A3-EL2-L2-AL2-EL2-L2-A1-EL2-L2

Fourth quarter: AL2-1-L2-0-3-L2-1-D3-3-3

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    1. Hi @shanni, thanks for asking 🙂
      EL2 refers to E string, Low finger position, and the second finger.
      If a tab does not show the string name, it meants it is the same string as the last tab that does identify what string it is (ex: D1-L2-3-4, These are all on the D string)
      Here’s a good post explaining how to read tabs:
      Have a great time with it and reach out anytime 🎶