Here’s a basic lesson on how to play an old-time tune called Groundhog.ย 


Let’s practice…

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Scale and drone

The tune is in G Major. Warm up with the G major scale.

G Major scale: G0-1-2-3-D0-1-2-3 | D3-A0-1-L2-3-E0-1-L2ย 

G Drone


First quarter: D3-3-3-D2-2-2 D3-3-3-3-D0-1

Sheet music

First quarterย 

Other versions

Here’s a cool YouTube documentary on a banjo player named Obray Ramsey. You can hear the tune Groundhog in it. I think this might help you to get more into the tune!

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Give thanks

Take a moment to reflect with gratitude that you have music in your life. No matter where you are on your fiddle journey, you get to learn, play, and listen to music. What a wonderful gift!

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5 responses to “Groundhog – Basic Fiddle Lesson

  1. I am wondering if you might offer a bit more expansion on this tune with more chords to make it sound a bit richer. The Round Peak variation seems a bit intimidating. Perhaps something in between. An idea for a Group lesson???

    Thanks. I did enjoy the tune

  2. I am confused. The breakdown notation for the first quarter ends on a D1, but the sheet music and watching your fingering and listening to it seems to end on a D3.
    Nice tune and song!