Old time reel in A dorian
No Time Like Old-time

Here is a lesson on how to add variation to an old-time tune called Frosty Morning.


Start by playing the A Dorian scale with some fun variations. This will get the sound of the notes in your head and the feel in your fingers.

Practice the scale and phrases from the tune (once you’ve learned it) with a A drone: 

Learning chunks

In this section, we’ll methodically work through the tune. For each quarter there are warmups along with practice snippets. If you want to cut to the chase, scroll below to the “Full Content” section for full tabs, play-along tracks and sheet music.

A Part:

First quarter

Exercise 1: E0-[D0-1-2]-3

Basic: D1-0-1-3-A0-0-D3 | A0-1-L2-3-E0-D0-0


Variation: D1-0-1-3-A0-D3-A0-D3 | A0-1-L2-3-E0-[D0-1-2]

Second quarter

Exercise: G0D3-A0-1-0

Basic: D3-A0-1-0-D3-0-0 | D3-A0-1-L2-3-D0-0


Variation: G0D3-A0-1-0-G0D3-1-0-1 | G0D3-A0-1-L2-3-1-0-D3

Third quarter

Basic: D1-0-1-3-A0-0-D3 | A0-1-L2-3-E0-D0-0


Variation: D1-0-1-3-A0-D3-A0-D3 | A0-1-L2-3-E0-A0-E0-A3

Fourth quarter

Basic: AL2-1-0-L2-1-0-D3 | A0-1-0-0


Variation: AL2-1-0-L2-1-0-D3-A1 | D1A0-D1A0-{slide D1}D1A0-D1A0-D1A0-D1A0

If you’ve made it this far, then hats off to you ?

  • I recommend you take a moment and just play an open string. Put your full intention into relaxing your body, breath, and mind and simply enjoying the sound.
  • Next, Just return to the A Dorian scale. ?
  • Cool, now that you’ve centered yourself, let’s continue to learn this awesome tune. ? 

Tip: Practice small increments

If you take this approach to heart and actually do it, then you can eventually learn anything.

B Part

The B part learning chunks are available to ultimate subscribers. Thanks for your support ?

Full content

Below you will find full play-along tracks with fiddle at high and low volume (so you hear yourself more), full tabs, and full sheet music.

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