The Georgia Shuffle is a great way to make your fiddling sound more like fiddling. It lends an offbeat rhythmic texture to tunes.

I’ve taught this before, but I’ve recently come up with an easier way to present it.

Basic principles:

Slur three eighth notes in an upbow, followed by a single eighth note in a downbow.

The downbow happens on beats two and four, creating a natural accent on the offbeats.

Use this with tunes that are based in eighth notes (most fiddle reels and breakdowns).

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Start by just playing a simple finger pattern with separate bows: D0-1-2-3

Then add the Separate One-Slur Three Bowing bowing. This is a good intermediate step to playing the Georgia Shuffle. In the learning chunks below, we’ll do a series of progressive exercises to help you master this cool bowing pattern.

Learning chunks 

I’ve made some “Learning Chunks” to help you learn more easily. These focused exercises contain sheet music, tabs and mp3 snippets to guide you on your fiddle journey.

Exercise 3


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Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Exercise 6

Exercise 7

Exercise 8

Exercise 9

Exercise 10

Exercise 11

Exercise 12

Exercise 13

Exercise 14

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Practice tracking

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Further learning

Here’s a lesson with some other good exercises: Georgia Shuffle

And here’s one to help you put this into practice: Georgia Shuffle on Tunes

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