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      Marg Sherringham

      Whoops, meant to submit this one 1st.

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      jason kleinberg


      I fixed the link for you. It should look like “https://youtu.be/sNADk1KnXK0”

      instead of:
      Breton Gavotte with Strum Machine

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      Nicely done, Marg. I did not get to the lesson, as was traveling. Thanks for posting, will get on it.

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      Vera Algoet

      I was impressed by how smoothly you carried on after mistakes.

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      Michael G

      That’s really quite excellent, Marg!

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      Pete Healy

      Wow, very nice! Just one suggestion re your equipment: Might be good to put your strum machine behind or farther away from your recording device, since the machine almost drowned out your playing at some points. But I really liked how you maintained the flow of the piece!

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      Joanne Iles

      Really good Marg! Thanks for sharing such a great sound!

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      We’ll done !!!!!

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      Marg Sherringham

      Thanks Jason, for fixing the link for me. I also sent one on embellishments which would have had the same mistake, it doesn’t seem to have gone through. No worries, I might try to send it again today.

      Thanks for the encouraging feedback from the fiddlehed community! Pete, that’s a good suggestion, it was the 1st time I’ve recorded a video of myself using my phone, and it was a bit cramped in our caravan. All a bit of an experiment, so I’ll certainly set it up your way next time.

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      I’ve just been back from travels and really enjoyed this tune, Marg. Just had to learn it!

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      Marg Sherringham

      I think you’ll enjoy playing it Kate. I found the form a bit tricky at 1st, it’s unsual, but it really hooked me in and I just couldn’t stop playing it. I learnt it from Jason’s Breton Gavotte lesson, then he did a practice journey on the same tune a couple of days ago that took it even further. It was fantastic!! Enjoy your own journey with this tune.

Viewing 10 reply threads
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