FiddleHed End-of-Year Review for 2022

Use this super-simple end-of-year review for your music practice:

  • What were three wins you had this year?
  • What are three things that can use improvement?
  • What three things will you concentrate on next year?

Use this to gain awareness of where’ve been and where you want to go. This will help you to make the most of your practice time and have fun along the way…

Our journey this year…

Here’s a brief review of what we learned this year along with some key lessons from each month. Amazing what you can accomplish when you take small steps!

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Timing (January)

Bowing (February)

Luck (March)

Grow (April)

Read (May)

Call-And-Response (June)

Scale (July)

Song (August)

Power Practice (September)

Journey (October)

Embody Music (November)

Peace (December)

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Thanks for being here 🙏

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2 responses to “FiddleHed End-of-Year Review for 2022

  1. Thrilled to have become a FiddleHed early this year, just a few months after I started learning fiddle! What a fantastic community, guided by an amazing teacher in Jason! Really looking forward to going and growing as a FiddleHed in 2023. Happy New Year!