Intermediate practice journey

Hey there fiddler!

We’ll learn to play Oh Come All Ye Faithful by ear. This was originally given as a live Zoom lesson. You’re about to take the archived version…which is better in a lot of ways! Mainly because I add more content after the workshop.

Have fun…

Video replay

Let’s practice

Prepare for the journey

Warm up by playing the scale.

G Major

G Major scale: G0-1-2-3-D0-1-2-3 | D3-A0-1-L2-3-E0-1-L2

G Major Play-along track

G drone

Use this to practice the scale at your own pace.


Full outline will be posted after the lesson…

G drone


Tone-building on D3 with G drone

G major scale, lower octave, upper octave and 2-octave

Practice strategies

We’ll use these strategies to learn this song by ear:

Sing What You Play




Single Rep <> Loop

Play/Hum – this is more internal than singing, so more like audiation.


What did you learn?

What was challenging?

What will you use in your practice


Strategies used

  • Call-and-response
  • Looping
  • Chaining
  • Play/Sing
  • Audiation
  • Hum/Sing
  • Fiddle variation

You can learn tunes from recordings on your own.

  • Start with simple melodies (like Twinkle Little Star).
  • Slow down the recording on YouTube or with Amazing Slow Downer.
  • Learn in small chunks

Hornpipe version!

I convert this classic carol into a fiddle hornpipe. In a nutshell, I broke up the long notes with swung eighth notes.

Then I added the usual colors from the fiddle pallette: slides, double stops, Irish ornaments and melodic variation.

You can learn more about these variation techniques in the Art Of Fiddling and Irish Fiddle Journeys courses.

@fiddl3hed Take Christmas carols and transform into fiddle tunes! #fiddletok #violintok #holidaymusic #violinlesson ♬ original sound – FiddleHed

Oh Come All Ye Faithful Hornpipe pdf


What was challenging?

What did you learn? Try to put it into words.

How can you use this in your own practice?

Write down your thoughts below in either a comment or Your Practice Journal.

Further learning

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