G major scale, E aeolian

Here’s a step-by-step lesson on. First I’ll play a mid-tempo version of the whole thing. Then we’ll slowly learn it, note by note, building notes into phrases, building phrases into quarters, until we have each part.

Left hand fingerings (TABS):
The quarters are not all the same length. I divided unevenly because it seemed to make the most sense from both a musical and teaching perspective. The first quarter is much longer, but it is the same phrase repeated twice.

A part
first quarter: D1-1-A1-1-0-D3-2-1-0-1-2-3-A0-1-
second quarter: A1-L2-0-1-L2-3-E0-A1-0-D3-1-2-3-A0
third quarter: D3-A0-1-L2-1-1-0-D3-2-1-3-2-1-A0
fourth quarter: D3-A0-1-L2-3-E0-A1-0-D3-2-1

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