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      Jocelyn Martens

      Thanks for sharing yourself playing this song with us Lisa, and also reaching out for feedback.
      Here’s a rough video of some ideas for practising – please bear with my ‘umms’ 🙂

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      Debbie Hill

      Very nice! Great intonation

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      margaret Olscamp

      I think it sounds very good. Thank you for sharing.

      I’ve not shared a tune yet but I’m working on it, trying to decide which tune. I have a hard time with jigs and reels but Soldier’s Joy is becoming more and more comfortable. That might be the one when I’m able to do it from memory.

      I’m about halfway through level 1.9. However I might find myself returning to a previous level if I get stuck anywhere.

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      Marg Sherringham

      Thanks for sharing, it’s lovely to hear each note at this tempo. I think using the drone not only helps our intonation (yours is great!) but it also sets such a nice relaxed mood.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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