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Old-Time & Appalachian Fiddle Course

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Bonus lessons

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📓 Your Practice Journal

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Use the online journal above to take notes on your daily practice. Learn more with this tutorial.

Remember: If you know what you practiced today, you can go further tomorrow.

📆 Upcoming Events


Please note the group sessions below are posted in Eastern Time.

You can click the ‘+Google Calendar’ icon (bottom right corner of calendar below) to add these sessions to your personal calendar, which will translate into your timezone.

How do group lessons work?

You can learn more about group lessons by visiting this page: Group Lessons Central.

In a nutshell, these are online learning experiences that happen on Zoom. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Workshops: A guided lesson on a song, skill or strategy
  • Office Hours: Ask a teacher questions about fiddling, music or practice
  • No Fear Fiddle Session: Practice performing in front of one other person to overcome stage fright
  • Beginner Group Meetup: A gathering for beginners to learn, practice and connect
  • Monthly Hootenanny: In this session you’ll be led through a set of fiddle tunes by Jocelyn. The goal is not to learn new songs but to practice and play songs you know.
  • Open Practice Sessions: In this session we simply meet on zoom and practice together.

Can’t Make The Next Group Lesson? 😫

No worries! You can take the workshops at any time. Look for the “Archived Workshops” tab on the Group Lessons Central page.

There you’ll find deep-content workshops that be taken or re-taken. These “practice journeys” act as a guide for your practice sessions.

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