Leave Her Johnny Leave Her – Microlesson


Learn this great song in a super short lesson 🤓


1st line: (D0-0)-G0-2-D0-0-3-2 | D1-0-G2-G0

2nd line: G1-1-1-0-2-D0-0

3rd line: (D0-0)-1-1-0-G2-3-D0-G2

4th line: (G0-1)-2-D0-0-G0-1-0


1st line: G1-1-1-0-2-D0-0

2nd line: D3-2-1-1-1-0-G2-D0

3rd line: (D0-0)-1-1-0-G2-3-D0-G2

4th line: (G0-1)-G2-D0-0-G0-1-0

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Further learning

Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her / This is a deep dive workshop. You’ll learn the song through call-and-response. There’s also sheet music and extensive audio on the page.

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