Here’s a tutorial on how to use Your Practice Journal. This is something new to the site: a way to track what you practice.

Key Take-aways πŸ—

  • Find Your Practice Journal at the bottom of any lesson page (including this one), or the Home Page
  • Click the orange βŠ• icon to create an entry.
  • You can tag entries as “Daily Practice” or “Weekly Review”
  • Take short notes to help you remember things as you practice
  • You can add links to external sites (like Youtube, Spotify, etc.) using the link button
  • Use the πŸ”Ž icon (top right hand corner) to your previous entries
  • Let the journaling process to be interesting and fun – don’t see it as a chore πŸ•ΊπŸΎ

Things you might want to take notes on:

  • ⏰ Time (when you practiced, how long, how many days)

  • 🎢 Tunes

  • πŸͺœ Techniques (Scales, bowing, ear-training, etc.)

  • πŸ† What went well

  • πŸ“ˆ What could use improvement

  • 🧠 What you learned

  • πŸ“† What you’ll do next (tomorrow or next week)

Let me know if you have suggestions or ideas to improve this. Leave a comment or email me.

One response to “How To Use Your Practice Journal

  1. Jason: In your video on practice journal, you said you couldn’t get the video link link in your entries to open in a new tab. The solution is to type the words “new window” (but without the quotations marks) into the field marked Target when you are creating the link. Then Submit.

    Usually the target field has a couple of drop down choices, which aren’t here, so just type it in.

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