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    Thanks, @jasonkleinberg. I used Adobe Premiere Elements…obviously not well (improperly placed video image of backup), but it has potential for next time if I can be a bit more careful.

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    Sounding great, Mary. And the surprise sung verse is a great touch!

  • Here is my first attempt at recording both parts of a duet and splicing them together. Duet part starts around 0:30 after a first verse solo:

    A bit choppy in parts and for some reason the second part crept in a bit from the left edge of the screen… but whatever… It’s worth 6 more entries for fiddle giveaway draw!!

  • Actually, it IS possible to download the audio tracks from Fiddlehed site.

    I’m using Google Chrome browser in Windows 10:
    – On the lesson page, select the audio file you want to download
    – Click the pink circle with the white downward arrow, next to the audio track
    – This will open up a new window in your browser, and start playing the audio…[Read more]

  • Thank you @kate-kakadu and @cynhrossi for kind words. I find slow songs like those are a great break from the harder work of double stops, metronome and speed challenges!

  • Thank you, Eimear! The baby seal is my favourite as well, but the baby donkey and the hairy coo are close second and third.

    Those songs and pics really make me want to hop over the pond again soon.

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    Thank you both Carolyns. I like the term “lonesome sound”. I would love to be playing those tunes at some of those lonesome beaches and cliffs included in the video.

    The vid of me was the first take, so I let the occasional flub go. That left more time for adding slides. I use Adobe Premiere Elements for editing videos, so it was actually not too…[Read more]

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    Thanks Joanne. I love those old slow songs. Lots of fun.

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    I fired up my Raagini drone in D Major this afternoon, and it goes great with four Scottish/Irish laments on this rainy April day in Covid Times, reminding me of bagpipes. It’s either depressing or uplifting, depending on your point of view.

    I hoped to add some interest by using some photos from Ireland/Scotland trips we took in the past few…[Read more]

  • Some good thoughts, Carolyn (@cbfidhed2020). Bowing suggestions do vary a lot depending on genre, personal taste, skill level, etc. I’ll have another look at Module 1.3 as you suggest.

    Overall, I am not too concerned about getting it “Right” if there is such a thing. I can strive for some structure, but I much better enjoy the flow from some well…[Read more]

  • Thanks Nick. Lots of moving parts in the Machine for sure: Notes, intonation, rhythm, some embellishments and then trying to use a down-bow to emphasize the first beat of each measure. I pretty much gave up on the last one for now. Probably should have learned the initial song with more attention to bowing, as is is hard to change it after the…[Read more]

  • Here is a tune we have been working on in our Saturday hangouts sessions. (Hi Sue and Mary!) It’s a Canadian waltz by Florence Killen, named after her home community of River John, Nova Scotia.

    With apologies to dancers who may have to throw in an extra step or two when the timing takes a it of a stutter.

  • If I can offer one suggestion, it might be about holding the bow. Jason has some good start-up lessons on the site at https://fiddlehed.com/beginner/start-fiddling-now-course-page/pick-up-that-bow/

    I know there are different bow holds people use successfully, but I think your hold in the video is a bit rigid and perhaps forces your elbow to be…[Read more]

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    Hi Moonshadows:

    I see that you included a photo on your forum post. How do you do that?

    Is it also possible to attach a file such as a pdf of sheet music for a song, for example?

  • Sounds good, Melinda! Somewhat familiar as well, having a few tunes cooking at once at different stages:
    (1) Learning a song or two from sheet music or tutorial,
    (2) Playing a song from memory, but needing work, and
    (3) Practicing a tune I can play fairly well.

    Unless I am working on a tutorial, I generally prefer to practice away…[Read more]

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    When you were in Jersey, Carolyn, did you find a seasonal difference? In the same way as your Sartory didn’t work well in Florida, did you find a similar problem in the heat of a Jersey summer? In Oliver (southern British Columbia), our typical 24-hour summer temperature ranges are from 15C to 30C (55F to 86F), while winter is typically -5C to +5C…[Read more]

  • I agree with MoonShadows… The tunes I really like are easy to learn and memorize. Once memorized, they are easier to improve on as I can concentrate on technique and form without having to glance at the music while I play. Lyrics can make it easier, but if I really like a tune, I find myself humming it throughout the day while learning it, which…[Read more]

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    I have tread the same thing about flatter bridges preferred by some fiddlers. Since my “double stops” are still mostly accidental. I prefer standard 42mm bridge radius.

    Another factor that can easily be adjusted by lowering the bridge is clearance under the strings at the end of the fingerboard. Some sites suggest 5.5mm for the G and 3.5mm for…[Read more]

  • Thanks. The H3 finger reach on G and D strings is quite a stretch, especially the opening two notes, going straight up from G1 to GH3, while trying to keep the G1 still in place for a couple notes later!

    I used the selfie camera on my 4-year-old Samsung S7 cell phone, set on a music stand, uploaded straight from the phone to YouTube. No tweaking…[Read more]

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