The Three S’s of Violin Practice: Song, Scale, Skill

Think of this 25-minute practice journey as your daily bread and butter. Utilize the Practice Pipeline to pinpoint areas for improvement and systematically elevate both your songs and skills with the following steps:

1. Scale Time | ⏱️5m: Start with the scale related to the song you’ll focus on. This primes your ears and fingers.

2. Song | ⏱️10m: Identify three challenging Chunks of your song and hone in on them.

3. Skill Drill | ⏱️5m: Work on a skill—either something integral to the song or something else you’re developing. Use the Practice Pipeline to identify what needs work.

4. Dynamic Conversations | ⏱️5m: Toggle between two areas or modes of practice. Assess how each informs the other. Allow yourself to Play.

  • Scale <> Improv
  • Sing What You Play
  • Melody <> Chords

Pause & Reflect 👁️ : Take a breather. What needs further attention? What can simmer for now?

Mix or Repeat 🔀 : Either revisit these steps with new elements or repeat the same set in your next practice block.

Pro Tips ☝️:

  • Stack 2-3 of these Song-Scale-Skill blocks in one session.
  • Spread out 2-3 blocks across your day for sustained improvement.
  • In your next block, change only one element. Keep the scale and skill the same, but switch out the song, for example.

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