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Mini-Scale Fiddle Warmups {Short}

Overview In this lesson I’ll show you four “mini-scale” warmups to help you coordinate the hands, mind and ears. As you’ll see in the lesson, these can be adapted to practice whatever you need to practice, regardless of your skill level. There’s a lot of creative power in scales. If you tap into that, then … Continued

Practice Kentucky Waltz With Alternation Games

Did you know that you can have a musical conversation by playing the same thing two different ways?   Further learning Learning Steps Let’s play this game with the first Chunk of Kentucky Waltz. Continuously alternate between: • Sing Play • Scale Song • Chords Melody Play this alternation game on each Chunk of the … Continued

Brahm’s Fiddle Waltz

Did you know that you can take a classical melody like this Brahms waltz and transform it into a fiddle tune?   Further learning Offbeat Accents On The Fiddle Improvisation Workshop Improv Playground   Return to the Fiddlosophy Blog >>

Jamming with the Pogues and the Dubliners

I finally get to jam with these musical heroes on the Irish Rover!   I’m also making some lesson videos for this on my Youtube channel.   Further learning Offbeat Accents On The Fiddle Improvisation Workshop Improv Playground   Return to the Fiddlosophy Blog >>

How To Play Violin In One Minute

 Here’s how to learn a fun song like The Irish Rover.   Play the first note, then Chain the first two…   Now you have the first musical Chunk   Go slow, allowing the fingers to easily reach the destination.   Then Loop on that Chunk until if flows.   Memorize it before you … Continued

How To Play Violin In One Minute

Here’s a quick video showing the essential skills for beginner violinist. I’ll show you how to: — Hold the violin and bow — Pluck rhythms on the strings — Bow the strings — Use left-hand fingers — Play a simple song All in one minute ⏱️. This is part of How To Play Violin – … Continued

Improvising With Rhythms

One way to make music practice fun is to improvise with Rhythms. Start with a long-short-short pattern known as Hoedown or the Nashville shuffle. Play it on scales like D Major Pentatonic: D0-1-2-A0-1 Do it with the Metronome. Alter the rhythm: Reverse it to create a short-short-long pattern Split it across two notes A more … Continued

Fiddle Goals For 2024

Are you someone who benefits from having a goal? Or do goals make you anxious? I suggest three goals that I think you and all my students can achieve. No matter what your skill level is. Three Goals For 2024 Play Every Day Practice Well Good Mindset If you think about it, these are just … Continued

Chaining And Chunking

Here are two practice strategies that feel like games. I use them every time I play. You can Chain together single notes to form musical chunks. Then loop the chunks. That’s how I teach tunes in the live workshops: But you can also take a top-down approach. Take a tune or skill, and break into … Continued

Practice Blocks

Pick a song and a skill, and then practice in 25-minute blocks with intention. Strategy Pick a strategy to guide your session. Use this card for a week to understand how it works. For example: Chaining Plan-Do-Reflect Play Slowly Loop Fiddling With Micro-Motions Song | ⏱️10m Learn a song you like. Discover what’s challenging about … Continued