Ask Questions As You Practice


Ask questions as you practice. Don’t worry about the answer. The question brings awareness to what you’re doing.

Ask questions before, during and after a practice session

  • Asking questions before a session will prepare you, helping you to focus.
  • Asking questions during a session will keep you engaged with the practice.
  • Asking questions after will help you to reflect. This will make for a more productive (and fun) session tomorrow.

Questions for practice

  • What’s the Hardest Part of the Hardest Part?
  • What small thing can I do to improve today?
  • How can I practice this with looping?
  • What do I not understand about this?
  • How can I enjoy the sound and feeling of what I’m doing right now?
  • How can I make the most of my time?
  • What do I really need to practice?
  • What sounds like fun right now?
  • What followup questions arise?
  • What were some good small wins today?
  • What should I practice again tomorrow?

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What other questions do you ask as you practice?

Let me know in a comment below…

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3 responses to “Ask Questions As You Practice

  1. Hi all, I usually am unable to log into the Zoom meetings due to the fact that I’m at work when they take place. I was elated that today I’d have time to do that! 12 noon EST. However, all I get is “wait for host to start this meeting” and its almost an hour later–still no meeting. How do y’all usually do the zoom practice sessions? Is it practice an hour and THEN he starts the meeting for conversation? I’m confused…
    Help me out, please? thanks!

    1. Hey Lisa, Thanks for mentioning your experience, sorry we couldn’t help you that day. May be good to email Jason for potentially a quicker response in situations like these. I checked the calendar and noticed the 9AM PT open practise was scheduled for April 18 so you may have missed it by a day. There are instances where sometimes the wrong zoom link goes out, so if it’s not automatically opening the session shortly after the scheduled time, check your email for an updated link.
      To my knowledge, these practise sessions will start right around the scheduled time on Zoom with a welcome intro, then practising together where you are muted, Jason is not muted so you can either mute your own sound to fully focus on your own practise, or choose to listen/watch whats going on for him/others, and then closer to the end of the session there is a discussion together.
      I hope it lines up for you to join another day.