zoom session for beginners

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      Anyone interested is zoom session just playing easy tunes at varying speeds?Not a lesson, just a way to get used to playing with others. Could announce tunes to practice prior to the session.

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      Yes! That “sounds” like a blast!

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      Joey B

      It is difficult to play together over Zoom. The lag makes it hard to match timing. The only way I know to do it is to mute everyone except one person and then you can play along. Then switch and mute everyone but the next guy.

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      I already have a little group but how jmsbrown said it is actually how we do it. Going on 7 months now, it’s been great. MOstly every week. We zoom and chat and play 2 or 3 tunes decided in advance. Then we talk about the tunes. likes dislikes technique or variation questions to each other. We wind up sharing cool versions from youtube and it’s great motivation to practice and learn new ones for each session. Sometimes we slow down and repeat a tune a few weeks in a row. We should do that more often! LOL
      cheers mates

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      okay I like the suggestions…how do we initiate?

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