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      Jocelyn Martens

      Hi good folks,
      Here’s a little update from our August gathering:

      We looked at Kerry Polka together
      -worked our way to playing first 3 bars, taking turns sharing
      -Focused on rhythm for 3rd bar
      -folks shared playing first 2 bars as slow as they could

      Oh Susannah
      -discussed/shared insights into questions/experiences with bow slurring, specifically on the pick up notes
      -tried various ways to slur, bowing patterns, and also playing with separate bows

      Someone had a good idea last session for us to have a song picked ahead so that folks can come to session familiar with it. I would suggest we re-approach Oh Susannah, as most folks will have some experience with it.
      Once again, the meeting circle is always open to whatever yal want to bring up. Everyone is welcome.

      Next session is Sept 21 @ 12pm PST


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      jason kleinberg

      Enjoy this phase of your violin journey.

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