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      Joanne Iles

      Inspired by the scale workshop last Monday, I nurdled around with Shenandoah and the D Pentatonic scale! Great lesson thank you Jason!

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      jason kleinberg

      Good nurdling! 🤓
      Thanks for sharing…

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      Joanne, I loved how you interwove double stops into your improv. They didn’t seem forced at all. Very beautiful and nice bowing as well.

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      Marg Sherringham

      That was lovely Joanne, nice gentle double stops and improv. Isn’t it fun? All these new doors being opened for us to experiment. Thanks for sharing your playing, always inspiring.😊

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      Love this. Deb Swanson

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      Joanne Iles

      Thank you for all your feedback. I love the confidence I got from this lesson to just play around with the riffs and see what happens. I’ve been playing it every day and probably haven’t played the same thing twice!

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      Jocelyn Martens

      Awesome creation Joanne, really enjoyable to hear you play and move with what arises. Great to see you expanding from a recent session in a way that you enjoy.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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