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      Today I made a playlist of Christmas carols and tunes to play at a party..I wrote each tune name with the first 2 notes of each, so I can easily play every tune in a key I like!
      Now I will practice each tune on the list !

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      jason kleinberg

      Awwwwwwwsum. Let us know what tunes you’re playing…

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      – Warmed up with C major scales and variations, also D major and A major.
      – Practiced Jason’s Smiling Bows.
      – Worked on vibrato exercises with metronome for a significant time.
      – Played White Christmas with vibrato.
      – Will sleep in compression gloves. Really helps with muscle recovery after vibrato and bowing exercises.
      – Glad I attended this practice session: Jason suggested reviewing the year’s fiddle work this month. Great idea! Will apply this to my existing December plan of enjoying playing Christmas music. Already working on vibrato with Christmas carols; will add double stops and other technique review.

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      Marg Sherringham

      Stumbled upon the practice session yesterday when browsing the site so hadn’t prepared anything.
      – scales, major, dorian and pentatonic and letting the drone open my mind to improvisation.
      – memory work on Red Haired Boy and The Butterfly with strum machine backing and Fiddlehed backing track.
      – finished with more scales and improvisation.
      Need to make some index cards on specific technical exercises. Index cards for tunes have helped organise my memory practice.
      Have been a little sidelined lately though, practising for a concert tomorrow night with my Community group. Country Waltz/Josephine’s Waltz medley, Bonnie At Morn, Crested Hens, Silver Bells, O’Carolan’s Air and Wattle Time. All with harmonies and a mix of instruments.
      Felt inspired and supported by practising with the Fiddlehed community, and looking forward to driving my focus back to micro-practice on my weak areas.

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