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      jason kleinberg

      What’s challenging? What’s going well?

      If you’re serious about learning chord backup, then be sure to take the last Chord Backup Workshop I gave. In it I suggested you learn just three chords and then practice chord backup on 10-20 songs. Doing that prepares you to understand theory.

      Next month we’ll do another workshop on chord backup on April 8. Until then I encourage you share your questions, challenges and insights to this forum post.

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      I watched your first 4 videos on the series for chords before I subscribed. I really want to jump ahead and get right into the thick of it but worried I may get myself in trouble. Working on double stops pretty good. Can’t wait to be there.

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        Jocelyn Martens

        Thanks for sharing, Steve. Yes that’s a big draw of a topic. Neat you recognize there’s elements to learning/practising you want to approach first. There could be benefit to considering checking out some of the chord lessons to supplement what one is doing, maybe picking a day of the week or a small portion of our practise to this. Can be good to approach in a way that works, and back off as necessary, having the insights to what is there for us when we’re ready. Chord Backup Central page has majority of the content outlined there. Happy fiddles! 🎶

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      thanks, I hope the “Favorite” button at the bottom will keep this easy to find 🙂

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        Jocelyn Martens

        Yes, your list of favorited pages show up on the lesson pages and the home page near the bottom under “practise toolkit”. Here’s a page with further details on this.

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      How do I play an E7 chord? and should the E be an E minor? is there an E major? The song I’m working on has A, D, A, E, A, E, A. Then E7 A, E, A, D…. I got them all but the E & E7 thanks

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      I found this link and hope it helps. If you can offer any advice as always I greatly appreciate your wisdom.

      Click to access viola-1-Major-and-Minor-Chords.pdf

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