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      jason kleinberg

      Do you practice scales?

      If so, how?

      What’s your relationship with scales?
      Are they fun, horrible or neutral.

      Do you use scale books?

      How about the scale lessons in the FiddleHed course?

      Or Scale Central? https://fiddlehed.com/practice-tools/scale-central/

      Let me know!!

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      jason kleinberg

      As for myself, I practice scales for tunes I’m working on.

      I still practice the pentatonic a lot, adding different types of variation.

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      I’m a scaleaholic!! I play scales before
      anything else is played.
      When learning a song I play a line or two then play the related scale with rhythm and different bowing. I practice major, minor and love pentatonics and the blues scale!!!
      I also play triads G up to E and back. I have not worked as much as I should with modes but that is a goal

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      Joanne Iles

      I warm up with scales practice G to A with different rhythm variations, in particular, I find pedal rhythm helps me get my ear if I don’t have a drone.
      I always play through the scale of the tune I’m working on especially pentatonic.

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