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      Learning this for participation in our local jam session. Still needs more work. Got to get the Es in tune – a big stretch from the lower E to the upper E.

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      Good job, Mary. You’re exactly right, lower E to upper E, and all the work on the E string….a rough song to perfect. Looks like your picking it up quickly! Have fun at the jam. Currently, I attend a jam once/month and lean on I/IV/V back-up chords mostly, till they “force me” to lead something.

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      Well done, I’ve just learnt this one and am just starting to do the 4th finger E. Such a great song!

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      jason kleinberg

      Your timing is excellent on this. Do you have the tune memorized? If not, it will help you to focus on other aspects of playing.

      Are the straws helpful with keeping the bow straight?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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