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      Jocelyn Martens

      Hello, happy spring practise challenge everyone 🙂 I’m challenging myself to post some goods on here~

      A friend showed me this group, Väsen, and I love the Swedish folk tunes they share.

      For this tune today, I started by playing around with with C major scale variations, C pentatonic and arpeggios/triads, looped starting phrases of parts a and b, played song at a medium tempo and located the tricky rhythm/note sections- looped those sections at various speeds and broke sections down to the toughest notes then slowly added notes back into the phrase.. and here we are with an audio recording 🙂


      Recording is a great way to notice more than what I am able to as I play. I enjoy the insights this brings!
      From that, I’m going to work on my volume levels, especially on A and E strings as well as my bow angle that sometimes creates touching/playing strings unintentionally.

      Here’s Väsen playing this tune if you’re interested!

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      Thank you for sharing this. I love the music by Vasen and that nyckelharpa is such an interesting instrument.

      I would love to hear your audio file. When I try to play it, or even download and play it, on my iPad I get no sound whatsoever and an error message accompanying the file.

      Carolyn B.

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        Jocelyn Martens

        Thanks for your feedback Carolyn~ I will see if I can make the audio more easily accessible 🙂

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      That was exquisite, Jocelyn! Really beautiful playing – I didn’t notice any dodgy notes – I don’t know the song but it sounded very good to me. Thanks for sharing. I’d like to learn that one myself. It might be fun for our marimba group (who can only play in C)

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