Mary, Georgia the state not the country. What is the value of it?

  • Thanks for your question. I’ve practiced long bows, but not the one-minute bow.
  • It’s a good exercise in bow economics.
  • Practicing long bows helps your overall bow sound.
  • Mark off the bow into quarters with tape.
  • First practice bowing in each quarter of the bow.
  • Then practice long bows, aka whole bows. Play with the speed. Break it up with some throwaway bows.
  • This alone is really valuable.
  • The one-minute bow is a bit ridiculous. Which means I definitely want to try this!
  • We’ll practice it incrementally.
  • Start doing an 4-second bow.
  • Once you can do that, keep doing longer time lengths in multiples of four: 8, 12, 16, 20…until you get to 60.
  • This is the essence of micro-practice.
  • As you can see…I can’t get that great of a sound with the OMB.

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