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In this lesson Ruth Roland will show you how to hold the bow in a more relaxed manner.

Workshop replay

Playing With Ease Workshop Outline

Lesson Chat

00:00:32 jason kleinberg: Welcome Everyone!
00:00:51 Ruth Roland: Excited to be here!
00:01:14 Mary Reid: Hello from Georgia.
00:01:36 Beverly: Hello from snowy Toronto, Ontario.
00:01:49 williamhickey: Cold Walla Walla
00:01:49 Cindy Rossi: Greetings from the SC Lowcountry!
00:01:52 Jason Pace Car: St. Paul, MN
00:01:54 Tom Szalay: Hello from Oliver British Columbia
00:01:54 Seat #60: Icy Vancouver
00:01:54 Deborah Swanson: North Carolina
00:02:00 Darcy’s iPad (2): Kirkland, Wa
00:02:11 Debbie Hill: Debbie Suffolk VA
00:02:28 Joe Ann Sturgeon: Maple Valley Washington
00:02:38 Owen OMalley: Owen. Virginia
00:02:40 Sue Bates: HI Everyone rom Niagara on the Lake Ontario
00:03:19 Terri Marsico: State College PA 🙂🎻
00:03:53 Rahma Krambo: Having technical issues. 🙁
00:04:49 Beth: Hi from Sabinal, New Mexico
00:05:39 Dave Thomas: Hello from Dave T in Portland Oregon
00:07:08 Ann Repka: hi from Grand Junction, CO
00:15:30 Debbie Hill: 👍
00:17:23 Debbie Hill: en
00:17:36 Debbie Hill: bend wrist
00:18:00 Terri Marsico: engage pinky
00:18:02 Mary Scott: use little finger
00:18:05 Deborah Swanson: lift your elbow
00:18:16 Marg Sherringham: lighter touch
00:19:02 iPhone: My bow wants to bobble a little!
00:21:59 jason kleinberg: Let us know if you have questions…
00:22:33 Terri Marsico: When you bow towards the frog, do you go up past the metal winding???
00:23:17 David McCashion: so, don’t put any pressure on the string?
00:24:18 Terri Marsico: Ok, thank-you! 🙂
00:24:49 jason kleinberg: Try practicing simple and then more complex things at the frog.
00:25:04 David McCashion: thanks!  so, no pressure from index finger on string?
00:26:27 David Brown: Just the weight of the of the bow does it for me. No + or -.
00:27:49 Rahma Krambo: don’t know this piece
00:28:15 David McCashion: 👍
00:28:46 michael deck: Why play at the frog?
00:30:12 Debbie Hill: Is elbow height a major factor?
00:30:33 Jane’s iPad2: Do we need music?
00:31:39 jason kleinberg: Here’s sheet music
00:31:48 Beth: Thanks for sharing, Ruth!  I’m off to work….
00:32:03 jason kleinberg: You can use any tune to practice this lesson
00:36:26 Ann Repka: YES!
00:37:11 David Brown: My teacher always accused my of having a “death grip” of my fiddle. You and Jason have helped me avoid that.
00:37:23 Ann Repka: I’m just learning 4th finger
00:37:25 Rahma Krambo: 4th finger is always hard for me
00:37:28 Anne Brookhyser: The marker practice really helped me to have more 4th finger stretch.
00:37:35 Joe Ann Sturgeon: I haven’t paid attention to what I’ve been doing up until now
00:37:54 michael deck: Pulling in my elbow tenses my neck
00:38:25 Dave Thomas: how do I keep my thumb from not gripping too hard
00:39:17 Rahma Krambo: same thumb issue as dave
00:42:07 mike: very helpful
00:42:23 Dave Thomas: When I move thumb away from the neck, the neck drops into the thumb pit
00:43:31 Grace Schutt: That makes a HUGE difference in my pinkie reach— thank you!
00:43:37 Gretchen: doesn’t this all depend on how much you are holding it from the chin rest?
00:44:12 Jane’s iPad2: When I reach for g string I have to grip more
00:44:36 Brenda: Pinky reach better with knuckles over finger board, but index finger on E string is cramped.
00:44:55 Sue Bates: holding this way , I have a really hard time reaching G
00:45:04 Owen OMalley: Yes, pinky reach better with”marker hold.”
00:48:14 Pete Healy: Seems to help if I practice short ascending descending scales on each string alternating between Major and Minor (moving between the 2 and L2 positions).
00:48:59 Anne Brookhyser: Me too.  I can’t even get the fiddle on my shoulder with a grip.
00:49:06 Beverly: I have to run.  Thank you so much.
00:52:48 Gage: thank you!
00:52:49 Pete Healy: Thank you!!
00:52:51 Debbie Hill: thanks! Lots of great tips!
00:52:54 mike: thank you Ruth!!!!!
00:52:55 Terri Marsico: Thank-you very much 🙂🎻
00:53:06 Ann Repka: This has been very very helpful, thanks!
00:53:07 Brenda: Thank you. Already more relaxed!
00:53:07 Jane’s iPad2: So helpful! Thanks
00:53:08 eliaseely: Thank you!
00:53:08 C’s iPad: Thank you, and you have an amazing story.
00:53:11 Dave Thomas: Thanks, Very helpful especially with the thumb
00:53:16 Joe Ann Sturgeon: Thanks Ruth – very helpful
00:53:17 David McCashion: thank you very much!!👍🙂
00:53:20 Gage: pleasure!
00:53:30 Carl Sutherland: can you hear my dogs pounding on my office door?  and thank you
00:53:32 Darcy’s iPad (2): Thank you, very good things to work on 😊
00:53:33 Mary Scott: Thanks a lot, very interesting, I’ll need to practise those things a while!
00:53:39 jason kleinberg:
00:53:39 Lisa Biehl: This was helpful.   I look forward to reviewing with the PDF. Thank you very much
00:53:40 Cindy Rossi: Thank you so much! It was helpful for improving the reach on the strings.
00:53:43 Owen OMalley: Lots of good info,  thank you, Beth.
00:53:55 jason kleinberg: Learn more about Ruth:
00:54:07 Sue Bates: Thank you so much, so helpful
00:54:18 Ruth Roland:
00:54:22 Marg Sherringham: thank you Ruth
00:54:30 jason kleinberg:
00:54:44 jason kleinberg: YouTube: fiddlegeek
00:54:44 polan: Thank you Ruth and Jason!
00:55:01 Rahma Krambo: Thanks. Lots of good information.
00:56:30 Lisa Biehl: Looking forward to more great lessons!

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How can you use this in your own practice?

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