Tune of the week: Pretty Little Dog

Here’s a version of Pretty Little Dog by Foghorn Stringband.

I teach a simple version of this tune in this lesson.

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7 responses to “Tune of the week: Pretty Little Dog

  1. I am sooo a beginner, and when I first heard you play this thought; wow can not do. But what you’ve come up with and with the way you break it down—– I’m so impressed. I can kinda play along!! Thanks for all the work you put into these lessons.

  2. Jason:

    There is not a comment form on the lesson page, So I’ll try it here.

    In your sheet music on the lesson page for Pretty Little Dog, the key signature is blank, indicating a C major or A minor scale. In the video at around 3:25, you suggest warming up with an A Dorian scale and your fingering on the video is indeed A Dorian: A, B, C, D, E, F#, G, A. However, going by the key signature in the sheet music, we should be warming up with and playing A Minor; that is, using F instead of F#.

    Since the song does not actually have any F or F# in it anywhere, perhaps it doesn’t matter in the song, but the scale on the sheet music does not match the scale you use for warmup in the video.

    Please help calm my OCD with some clarification 🙂

    1. Good point @Tom.

      You are right. Technically speaking, the scale mode would be A Aeolian and have an F natural. For anyone else reading this, A Aeolian is based on C major. Basically you play the notes of C major but start and end on A instead of C. This magically creates a minor mode.

      For the purposes of warming up, you could use either scale (as Tom points out). For this reason, I won’t re-make the video just yet 🙂

      Tom: I’m going to add comments to the PLD page and copy your comment with my response over there.