Student Stories: Dan H.

Here’s a clip from a zoom lesson with my student Dan on the Georgia Shuffle. Dan is one of the most inspiring students I’ve worked with. A few years ago he suffered a massive stroke. He lost motor control for much of the left side of his body. He was out of commission for a few years…

Slowly, slowly he fought his way back. When he started fiddle lessons again, he could barely move his fingers. He told me that he has to “will his fingers” to move. He literally has to expend a ton of brain energy trying to consciously move his fingers.

Dan sees fiddling as a key part of the rehabilitation process. It’s been a few years since he re-booted his fiddle practice, and I’m amazed at his progress. He’s now learning the , Lucy Farr’s, along with the , , and . Every time I meet with him I’m impressed with his resilience. If he can overcome the stroke and play fiddle again, then I should be able to deal with my little problems!

I’d love to hear your story too…

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