What Can You Do Today?

There’s so much I want to do with FiddleHed, and so this week’s practice tip is helping me to be patient. When I started to build FiddleHed, my friend Grady advised me to approach things this way. See what you can do in a day, in a week. Little by little things get done.

The same goes for music practice. Don’t focus too much on the goal. It’s there to keep you moving. Focus on the process. How can you make the best use of your time? How can you make this fun so that you will want to do it every day?

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5 responses to “What Can You Do Today?

  1. Before I became a Fiddlehed I knew what I wanted but had no direction or path to follow. Looking back everything seemed to be to quick. Get this tune done, now the next,next,next.
    I thought I new how to play Kerfunken Jig until I played it for a week with real concentration, now I know I can play it. And play it well. Take you’re time,small steps…. Follow the modules. Even if you think you know the tune.
    Thanks for the direction and path Fiddlehed