Fiddling with friends online

Meeting with other students online can help to you going with your fiddle practice. In the quarantine era, all social interactions are more limited. But limitations lead to creative solutions. How can we stay connected in this strange time?

Bernadette, Kay, and Deborah met through the FiddleHed forum. Now they meet on zoom each week to hang out and practice together. “Fiddle at Five” is a fun way for them to learn and support each other.

Here’s a video clip from one of their sessions. Big thanks to Bernadette for editing this. And thanks to all the gals for agreeing to share this…

I’ve been thinking of ways to give you support you on your learning journey using zoom. Some ideas:

  • Group lessons with a fiddle tutor
  • One-on-one lessons
  • Student meetups

If you’re interested in this, then please take a two-minute . Knowing more about what you need and want will help me to know how to focus my energy. Thanks!



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4 responses to “Fiddling with friends online

  1. Well, I will definitely try this. My data plan is both very expensive and low on data capacity. I live in a rural area where there is neither cable or sufficient cell coverage, but it may work. Either that, or may just a group of us who can just do a “group audiate session;” only KIDDING! Yup, I’m game.

  2. I really enjoyed your fiddle with friends. This Covid thing has stopped the group jam and for quite some time I kept up my playing. Recently I’ve been heavy into home repairs which never would have interfered but somehow it has now. I feel like I’m loosing ground instead of gaining with my fiddling. A friends group would be great to keep things rolling. It’s a fantastic idea. Thanks to all of you for sharing.

    1. Been busy with some distractions as well and tired from helping with grandchild but I feel so much better about my fiddling now than when the video was made LOL. It just takes time and friends who are learning are a big help for your Covid social life and music morale boost. I have used a FB group to learn a couple new tunes and model from as well. But, yes, I think it’s great to meet new fiddlers through Jason’s site. He has alot of material that keep us beginners busy! It was my gateway to a great fiddler friendship with folks across the country. One of the things I enjoy most is hearing different fiddles. I have only played one other than my own. Each seems to be unique.

  3. I am excited about coming events with fiddlehed. I think you’re moving in the right direction. I’m expecting a week or so of down time(bypass surgery ), but Dr says I can fiddle during recovery as long as it does no hurt. Recovery time will include some “deliberate practice)!!!