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Here’s a five-lesson mini-course on sliding the left-hand fingers.

Why learn sliding?

Sliding is another way to make your fiddling sound more like fiddling. I bet you’ll have fun learning this cool effect.

It’s a good way to prepare for vibrato.

Who should do these lessons?

If you are a beginner, I recommend that you don’t practice sliding just yet. It’s important to establish good intonation before learning this.

Preliminary steps (suggested):

  1. Make it to at least Module 2.4 in the intermediate course.
  2. Take my How To Play In Tune course.

Of course, if you start to learn sliding before doing the preliminary steps, your fiddle won’t explode. I only suggest this because I don’t want you to get discouraged doing something too advanced. I want you to succeed! What is success? Playing every day with full mind and heart…

The Lessons

[SLF: 1] Introduction To Sliding On The Fiddle

[SLF: 2] Adding Slides to Tune Phrases

[SLF: 3] Downward Slides

[SLF: 4] Super-Fun Sliding Exercises

[SLF: 5] The Chromatic Scale Will Help You Slide

Have fun…

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