How can I play better in tune? What can I practice? What tips will help me play in tune?

This is a mini-course to help you play in tune, and this lesson is an overview of the different tuning strategies. I’ll go into more detail on each strategy in four core lessons. I’ll also offer some bonus tips. 

These exercises and tools will dramatically improve your tuning if you practice them consistently.

Core lessons

As a beginning fiddler, playing in tune can be frustrating, and without a teacher, it can seem impossible. There are four main tools and strategies:

Here is a useful library of tuning exercises and games to help you practice your tuning:

Bonus lessons and tips

As well as some tips to improve your tuning:

Overview lesson

Here’s an overview of all the tuning strategies.

All these techniques overlap and interact with each other. In each lesson of the course, we will go in-depth on a single strategy, show how the strategies are interconnected, and then practice them with play-along tracks.

Now go fiddle with it…