Fall Practice Challenge!


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Practice strategy: Build good sound, brick by brick

Take a small phrase from a tune and make every note sound good.

  • Play the first note until it sounds good (10% better).
  • Then do the same for the second note.
  • Then play both notes.
  • Continue through the phrase, making each added note sound a little better.
  • If at some point one of the notes is sounding off, then just play that one note until it starts to sound good again.

If you do this practice on just one phrase of a tune, you’ll probably hear an improvement in the rest of the tune. If you have the patience, then do the process for each unique part of the tune. This is a good investment of your time! You will develop the healthy habit of playing with a nice sound.

And if it sounds nice, you’ll naturally want to pick up the fiddle and do it again tomorrow. No carrot needed!

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