Fall Practice Challenge!


Days you practiced so far:

Record yourself

If you’re learning on your own, you need to Be Your Own Teacher, and so recording yourself is especially useful, maybe even necessary. This will provide you with the feedback you need to improve. It’s hard to analyze your playing while you are playing. When you listen to a recording of yourself playing something, you’ll more easily be able to pick out the parts that you need to work on.

ACTION STEP: What on the fiddle is challenging you now? I suggest you record yourself playing it TODAY. Then record yourself playing it on day 14 of the practice challenge.

Keep the recording and listen to it in a few months, or in a year. You’ll gratified to notice that your playing has improved.

As you continue to learn and play, there will be days when you feel like you’re getting worse. If you listen to early recordings of yourself you’ll realize that you have gotten a bit better. This will help to calm the critical voices in your head.

How to record yourself?

I say use whatever method is easiest. What will you actually be able to do. The simplest thing is to just record yourself using the voice memos app on your phone. If you feel comfortable with video then do that. Then you can see your form and make corrections to that.

Want to share videos with other practicipants taking the Challenge?ย Here is a lesson on how to post video as a comment in FiddleHed.

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