Music practice can be fun. If you have a rewarding experience practicing today, then you’ll be more likely to do it tomorrow.

I’m currently creating a new learning system called Play Every Day. The first step is a deck of cards that music students of any instrument can use to make practicing fun and productive.

The cards prompt students with science-backed practice principles like Chunking, Spaced Repetition, Desirable Difficulty and Deliberate Practice. But it’s presented in the context of a playful game. The goal is for you to make your own card deck of tunes, skills, and strategies  using index cards. Then you can practice with the cards on your own and in future workshops.

I’m teaching a series of workshops to help practicipants like you bring more playfulness into your daily practice. We’ll use the cards as prompts.

Learning Materials

For the moment, the cards and workshops are only available to FiddleHed subscribers. We’re hoping to release a physical deck by July 2023.



Here’s a list of Play Every Day workshops. Thanks to everyone who took part!


The Mission

I believe that music reduces stress, brings meaning to life and connects people to something bigger. My mission is to bring the joy of music to as many people as possible.

I’ll be sharing what I’m working on as it evolves. In the meantime, you can learn more about practice here: How To Practice Music



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