Holiday Song in D Major / Intermediate

In the spirit of fiddling, I arranged this classic melody as a folk waltz. Even though it’s a simple and recognizable melody, I think it’s an intermediate level tune because you need to use raised third finger on the G string.

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Video loops πŸ”

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A Part, 1st Quarter


Scale and drone

Warm up:

D Major scale: D0-1-2-3-A0-1-2-3 | E0-1-L2-3-4Β 

D Drone

Further warmups

Supplemental video

Chord Backup

Here’s a “performance” pdf without finger notation and chords. Use this to practice reading sheet music.

Further learning

Learn more holiday tunes here:Β Holiday Songs

Then put on a little show for your friends and family. Better yet, use your fiddle to lead them all in a song. πŸŽ…πŸΏ πŸŽ„

Other versions

Nat King Cole

This sweet version actually starts with a solo violin playing the end of the melody. It comes back an octave higher at 1:04.


Audio loops πŸ”ˆ /Β Sheet music 🎢

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  1. It’s interesting over in The States you guys have a different tune for a number of these Christmas Carols than we have in the UK 😊🌲 I wonder what tune the other European & antipodean countries have…..