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      Lindsey Myers

      -D Major Scale Warm Up with Double Stops
      -Practiced back up for Someone Else to Blame in D
      -G Major Scale Warm Up with Double Stops
      -Practiced back up for Good Ole Fashion Love in G
      -Practiced back up for Time Breaks Everything, Eric’s Fiddle Tune, and Forgotten Song all in D
      -Focused in on Forgotten Song in D for multiple runs
      -Goals for tomorrow… practice more double stops in D on all strings and focus in on Forgotten Song and Time Breaks Everything

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      Practiced G scale two octaves. added variations of 123, 1,3,2,4,3,5,4,6,5,7,8.

      Worked out bowing on Away in Manger in harmony section – slurs on eighth notes and down bow for effect.

      Tried playing softly on harmony section.

      Ran through entire piece twice with recorded accompaniment.

      Need to cut my nails.

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      After being away for Thanksgiving I spent my practice time reviewing Down by the Sally Gardens, Red Haired Boy, Whiskey Before Breakfast and a different version of Mucking O’Geordie’s Byre, which I figured with a title like that, I needed to learn!!! Tomorrow working on chordal scales and bowing.

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      jason kleinberg

      Awwwwwsumm. Love that you guys are sharing your practice with each other 👍

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