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      Working on Liberty as one in my Heritage Set (tunes my great-grandfather played in the hills of Kentucky). Got to memorize it next.

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      That was a nice tune Mary, well played esp. going from low to high over the strings. Strum Machine, have to check that out 👍

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        Strum Machine has a subscription cost but it’s not much I don’t think. Plays background to lots and lots of tune.

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      Keith Calhoun

      Great job Mary! You got it! I love that tune and am also working on it.

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      Marg Sherringham

      Great Mary! You really kept the pulse going with Strum Machine.
      I like your idea of making a heritage set, a nice way to honour your great grandfather. Mine was a fiddler too, who migrated to Australia from Scotland. I would love to know the tunes he played as a dance band musician. Unfortunately all I have is a very old tin photo of him and his brother with their fiddles.
      Please post more of your tunes.:)

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